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Mobile Sudoku 5.0 06/08/07 Trial version English
  • BlackBerry 4.0

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The global craze on your BlackBerry

Tony Aldridge

  • Lots of extras like pencil mode

Mobile Sudoku is our implementation of a popular sudoku puzzle for playing on BlackBerry handhelds.

Mobile Sudoku is different from other mobile implementations in many ways, most notably it does not limit the number of puzzles that can be solved with it nor does it require one to pay us for providing additional puzzles. In addition, we guarantee that downloaded puzzles will have one and only one solution and that that solution will be logical (i.e. no guessing required).

Every day new puzzles are made available for seamless download.

Mobile Sudoku is perfect for getting puzzles and solving them while on the train, in the air, in the commuter car, etc. all with no need for paper or pencil.

A full list of Mobile Sudoku features as of current version (v5.0):

  • Download new puzzles every day in four difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, extreme).
  • Manually enter puzzles.
  • Modify and save game settings such as saving puzzles on exit, timer display, move legality / validity check, and more.
  • Helper function available while solving puzzles - this function will show a hint for the next logical move together with steps taken to arrive at it.
  • Upload your times and see how you rank against other players (not available on all plans / carriers).
  • Validate a puzzle - see if you are on the correct path.
  • Cells that have values as part of the puzzle's initial condition, i.e. not entered by you, can be configured to stand out visually by using a gray background, bold, both gray background and bold, or neither.
  • To maximize the screen real estate to display the largest possible cells try disabling the timer display (available from the config menu) . This will have the most dramatic effect on wider devices.
  • In addition to other modes of navigation available on your BlackBerry (wheel, track ball, etc.), keys are available for navigating the puzzle grid: Q - left, A - right, O - up, L - down (this is not case sensitive, so "Q" is the same as "q"). This may not work the same on every device, but should work on most. Give it a try.
  • Help/hint function uses the pencil mark notation.
  • Add your own pencil marks with the pencil mode. Pencil marks display can be turned on/off with the "Toggle Pencil Marks" menu.
  • While there is not a dedicated "Pause" menu, there is a way to pause the timer without having to exit the application - the "Main Menu" menu will take you to the starting screen and will stop the timer. Use the "Load Last Played" menu option to return to the game.

A note on helper functionality: help/hint function will not show a value for just any cell in the grid. It will show the next logically obtainable value only. This is in line with Sudoku rule that one should only use logic to fill in the grid.

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